Nature Preserve Accessibility Assessment

The Nature Conservancy is currently in the process of completing an assessment of its nature preserves in Wisconsin in accordance with the Department of Justice’s amended regulation implementing Title III of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regarding "Other Power‐Driven Mobility Devices” (OPDMDs). While some types of OPDMDs can be accommodated at Conservancy preserves, there are necessary restrictions on their use.

Please download the Conservancy’s accessibility assessment for a current list of OPDMD use at Nature Conservancy preserves in Wisconsin.

Great Places to Visit
While our assessment is still in progress, we have identified several preserves that are particularly well-suited to OPDMD accessibility where individuals can have a quality nature experience in a safe and accessible environment. One of The Nature Conservancy’s goals is to connect people with nature, and we invite you to explore one of the following places. For more information about these preserves and directions, click on the map link or the preserve name link below.

Baxter’s Hollow State Natural Area (Sauk County)
Located in the Baraboo Hills in Sauk County, about 1.5 miles of paved road (Stone’s Pocket Road) leads into the preserve. The road is a dead end town road that is used by vehicles as well as pedestrians. Stone’s Pocket Road provides an excellent opportunity for some of the best bird-watching in the area and to experience a relatively unfragmented oak woods. OPDMDs are not allowed off the paved road.

Chiwaukee Prairie State Natural Area (Kenosha County)
About half-a-mile of graveled, undeveloped village road runs through Chiwaukee Prairie offering bird- watching, quality views of the prairie plants and photography opportunities. The gravel road as noted on the map (link to come) is appropriate for OPDMDs. While the road receives very little traffic as it is a dead end road, visitors should be cognizant of the shared road. OPDMDs are not allowed off the gravel road.

Lulu Lake State Natural Area (Walworth County)
More than a mile of gravel road is accessible to OPDMDs through the heart of Lulu Lake Preserve and lends itself to bird-watching, scenic vistas of the river and the lake, and a quite reprieve. To access the preserve, please contact the Conservancy’s local project office at (262) 642-7276 during business hours to acquire the combination to the lock on the gate. Please note the combination changes monthly. Visitors may travel the gravel road as noted on the map (link to come). OPDMDs are not allowed off the gravel road.

OPDMD Use Guidelines
Please note that for those properties where OPDMDs are permitted, we do have several guidelines. All OPDMDs must be clean and free of mud and debris that may be carrying invasive weed seeds on them. This is necessary to protect the natural integrity of these special places. All OPDMDs must adhere to a 5 mph speed limit, or equivalent to a brisk walking speed. If conditions are wet on the property such that damage to any of the permitted areas would be damaged by OPDMD use, please refrain from use until conditions are dry. Additional use guidelines can be found on the Nature Conservancy Assessment of Preserves in Wisconsin for ADA Regulations and the Use of OPDMDs.


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