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  • Moosic Mountain is a '1,500-acre playground' amidst Pennsylvania’s best example of ridge-top heath barrens, a mosaic of stunted pine and oak forest dominated by huckleberry, blueberry and other low-lying shrubs.
  • The dedication of a new trail system was a banner event for the 65 volunteers, who had contributed 775 hours to cut the trails through thick brush and remove more than 500 abandoned tires from the site.
  • As volunteers carved eight miles of new hiking and biking trail across the Dick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain, even Conservancy stewardship staff made new discoveries about the site.
  • Moosic Mountain is a windswept, wild and rugged corner of Pennsylvania, packed with outdoor opportunities, just a couple hours from Harrisburg, Philadelphia and New York City.
  • The Conservancy saved the landmark, which overlooks Scranton from a peak of 2,200 feet, from becoming a business park in 2001, and has worked with volunteers to build a wild retreat there.
  • Moosic Mountain is one of the largest intact scrub oak/heath communities in North America. It also is home to three rare natural communities and at least 18 rare species, and a great birding spot for more common species.
  • The preserve is home to prairie warbler, black-and-white warbler, chestnut-sided warbler, hermit thrush and broad-winged hawk as well as the globally rare sallow moth and barrens buckmoth.
  • Although Moosic Mountain harbors rare species, it’s also a hardy, rugged place with austere winter beauty, summer blueberries and wildflowers, and stunning year-round views of the Lackawanna Valley.
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