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Ozark Cave Preserves

Twin Caves Preserve, in far northeastern Oklahoma near the Missouri state line, features an extensive limestone cave with an underground stream and is home to rare bats and aquatic species. Above, the surface habitat is eastern deciduous forest.

The cave harbors a gray bat maternity colony of more than 20,000 individuals, as well as a critical habitat for the federally endangered Ozark cavefish and blind cave crayfish.

The Charley Owl Preserve, comprising 864 acres, is also in eastern Oklahoma, near the Arkansas state line. The Charley Owl Preserve also contains a limestone cave with rare bats, including the federally endangered gray bat and the Ozark big-eared bat.

Located in the eastern deciduous forest environment of Delaware County, Oklahoma, the Eucha Nature Preserve is a 150-acre restricted preserve encompassing two limestone caves with underground streams that support rare aquatic species, including the blind cavefish and the nearly translucent Ozark crayfish.

Because of the potential danger to the rare and protected species, access to these caves is highly restricted; however, scientific studies are welcome and corresponding access may be obtained by contacting the Tulsa office.

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