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Field Trips and Events

The Nature Conservancy offers opportunities each year for people to see our preserves. We have nature walks and hikes spring through fall to our Big Yellow, Bluff Mountain and Bat Cave Preserves. Our hikes are free or require a small donation unless otherwise noted - Bluff Mountain hikes require a $10 fee.

And don't forget to check our Volunteer page for opportunities to get involved.

Thank you for your interest in The Nature Conservancy events. Please check back soon for upcoming events.


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Wiregrass Seed Collecting at Calloway Forest Preserve

    Calloway Forest Preserve
    October 19, 2014 - December 05, 2014

    Come join us for wiregrass seed collecting at Calloway Forest Preserve in Hoke County off of Hwy 211. Wiregrass is an essential part of the longleaf pine forest as the primary fuel for restorative controlled burns. Collected wiregrass seed will be used to restore g... Learn more

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