Field Trips and Events

The Nature Conservancy offers opportunities each year for people to see our preserves. We have nature walks and hikes spring through fall to our Big Yellow, Bluff Mountain and Bat Cave Preserves. Our hikes are free or require a small donation unless otherwise noted - Bluff Mountain hikes require a $10 fee.

And don't forget to check our Volunteer page for opportunities to get involved.

Special Events

  • Coffee & Conversation

    February 06, 2014

    You are invited to Coffee & Conversation events in 2014. We will be coming to cities and towns across the state to tell you more about or new whole system approach to conservation. This is your chance to learn, inquire and meet the folks on the ground who make ou... Learn more

  • See Shaken Creek

    Shaken Creek Preserve
    June 07, 2014

    This preserve is not open to the public, because it is home to a number of rare plants. But, we open it once a year for a guided hike. It is an amazing place, filled with carnivorous plants and a number of other rare species. To register contact Hervey McIver (919) 7... Learn more

  • Walk with the Meat Eaters

    Green Swamp Preserve
    May 17, 2014

    The Green Swamp is home to 14 species of carnivorous plants – including the Venus flytrap, which is found only in this small corner of the world. Our experts will lead an easy stroll through the preserve and you can see these incredible plants in person. To reg... Learn more

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for The Nature Conservancy. Currently there are no volunteer opportunities available. Please check back soon for upcoming events.


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