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New Jersey

Arctic Meadows Preserve

A rare acidic seep near Arctic Meadows makes this a unique wetland habitat.

Location: Stillwater township, Sussex County

Acres Protected: 77

Established: 1990

Managed by: The Nature Conservancy

Why is this land Special?
Located in the foothills of the Kittatinny Mountain Range and within the forested lands that stretch between the Kittatinny Ridge and the Delaware River, Arctic Meadows Preserve is a wetland of grasses and herbaceous plants surrounded by a hemlock-deciduous forest. The preserve includes the steep, lower southeast face of the Kittatinny Ridge. In the early part of the 20th century, much of the local land had been logged, grazed or farmed. The preserve borders a rare inland acidic seep--a unique wetland habitat, in which cold, acidic water intersects the ground surface and gradually and diffusely flows into the preserve. In this seep and in the woodlands at Arctic Meadows uncommon plants thrive.  Black bear and beaver also inhabit the area.

How may I visit?
Because of the sensitivity of the rare vegetation, visitation is restricted to scientific research by advance arrangement. Contact the New Jersey Chapter Office at 908-879-7262 for more information. 

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