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Jarbidge Canyon

The Jarbidge River has the only population of endangered bull trout in the entire state.

The Jarbidge River provides habitat to the endangered bull trout, the only such occurrence of this species in the entire state.


140 acres


Northern Nevada, at the base of Jarbidge Canyon's cliffs


Bull trout

Why the Conservancy Selected This Site

This property, tucked away at the base of the 2,000-foot cliffs of Jarbidge Canyon, is home to the endangered bull trout, a species that is found nowhere else in Nevada.

contain critical wetlands in Ruby Valley, along the shores Franklin Lake. - See more at:
What the Conservancy Has Done

This acquisition was made possible in 1998 by a donation of appreciated securities that provided the necessary funding to acquire the land -- one of the largest private gifts in the history of the Nevada chapter. Using it, the Conservancy acquired a private inholding along the beautiful Jarbidge River in northern Nevada. 

The Conservancy has also worked in eastern Nevada to preserve wetlands and other habitat on the shores of Franklin Lake at the UX and 7-H Ranches in Ruby Valley.

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