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This preserve protects a rich array of lowland forest and plant communities. There is a spectacular view across Schenob Brook of Mount Race.

Barnum Street in Sheffield, Massachusetts, near the Moon in the Pond Organic Farm

The preserve includes the Drury tract (65 acres), and also encompasses more than 300 acres of contiguous, protected land.

Why the Conservancy Selected This Site
The first Nature Conservancy preserve in the southern Berkshires, the Drury Preserve was created in 1997 to honor the donation of 65 acres in 1984 by Roger and Virginia Drury.

What the Conservancy Has Done/Is Doing
Conservancy staff and volunteers have cleared invasive species from more than 20 acres of this preserve.

Dawn to dusk

What to See: Plants
The trail passes through northern hardwoods with rich understory diversity, including many spring ephemeral wildflowers as well as the fall flowering asters. The wetter areas include Mossy Cup Oak, Jack-in-the-Pulpit and skunk cabbage.

What to See: Animals
Great blue Herons and other wetland dependant birds are often seen along the brook. There are coyotes and bobcats that use the preserve, and beavers in the wetlands. If you happen to see (and document) a mountain lion, please contact our office immediately.

All reasonable requests for special accommodations will be made with ample notice.

A lightly marked trail, which is approximately a 3-mile walk, gently slopes through a variety of wet and dry communities. There are boardwalks over the wettest areas, but waterproof shoes are a good idea.

Contact the western Massachusetts office at (413) 229-0232.


From Boston:

  • Take Route 90W to Exit 2 (Lee).
  • Follow Route 102W to Route 7S (Sheffield center).
  • After the small shopping plaza, take the first right onto Berkshire School Rd.
  • Take the second left (Salisbury Rd.) and then another left (Barnum St.).
  • The preserve is 1.2 miles down Barnum Street with a small clearing to park on the right. There is no sign.
  • Walk into woods at right and look for trail sign about 100 ft. in.

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