Greene Swamp Preserve

Why You Should Visit
Although named for the 10-acre swamp in the center of the site, the Greene Swamp Preserve includes additional important features such as a small stream and talus slopes and interesting rock outcrops on the southern slope of Mt. Toby. Overlooking the Connecticut River Valley, it is home to unusual species and is a wonderful escape for hikers, bird-watchers and cross-country skiers.

Sunderland, Massachusetts

96 acres

Why the Conservancy Selected This Site
The preserve is home to several rare plants and animals species, who (and whose habitat) the Conservancy wishes to protect.

What the Conservancy Has Done/Is Doing
In 1997 and 2001, the Conservancy added additional acres to the Greene Swamp Preserve. We have also been assisting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the state with additional purchases at the larger Mt. Toby site. In 2004, TNC Staff completed rare plant monitoring at the site along with replacing signs.

Open year-round

What to See: Plants
There are several types of forest including hemlock-white pine, red-oak sugar maple, and rich forests of sugar maple-white ash-basswood, which contain spring ephemerals. The wetlands include a cattail swamp and a rich wooded swamp. 

What to See: Animals
The wetlands are home to rare salamanders and turtles, while ravens nest on the cliffs.

All reasonable requests for special accommodations will be made with ample notice.

Go hiking! However, the main trail is on old road which may be muddy. Additional access via the Robert Frost Trail is steep so contact us first.

If you have any questions while planning your outing, please contact our Boston office at (617) 532-8300.


From Boston: 

  • Take Route 2W to Route 63S through Miller’s Falls. 
  • Drive through the intersection with Route 47 and past the second sign for Leverett Center. 
  • Take a right onto Bull Hill Rd. and watch for a sign on the right for the Robert Frost trail. 
  • The trailhead is near a stream. Park in the turn-off on the edge of the road.

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