Martha's Vineyard Habitat Network

Species Account Fact Sheets

Download these handy fact sheets and start building the Vineyard's connections!

The Martha's Vineyard Habitat Network (VHN) is up and running and working with a diverse array of landowners who want to improve their habitats for a variety of wildlife.

Landowners enrolled in the program know how their own backyards can improve habitat connections across the Vineyard for species as diverse as song sparrows, turtles, moths and butterflies and other insects.

Species Fact Sheets

These printable fact sheets introduce some of the wildlife can turn up in Vineyard yards. Learn to recognize your neighbors and read about ways you can encourage wildlife populations.

► American Copper
► American Holly
► American Robin
► Baltimore Oriole
► Black-Capped Chickadee
► Black Cherry
► Blueberry
► Eastern Screech Owl
► Monarch Butterfly
► Northern Green-striped Grasshopper
► Song Sparrow
► Stiff Aster
► Winterberry
Habitat Strategies

These printable fact sheets outline simple and effective strategies, recommended by the Vineyard Habitat Network to encourage wildlife in your yard.

► Encourage Bees
► How to Install a Screech Owl Box

► Nest Boxes for Barn Owls

► How to Install a Cover Board for Snakes

If you'd like to learn more, contact

Brian Lawlor
Program Manager
(508) 693-6287 Ext. 10

Or visit the Martha's Vineyard Habitat Network page.



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