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Massachusetts Staff

Wayne Klockner, State Director

Conservation Programs

Alison Bowden, Freshwater Program Director
Cathy Bozek, Aquatic Ecologist
Jessica Dyson, GIS Manager
Andy Finton, Conservation Programs Director
Jon Kachmar, Coastal Programs Director
Steve Long, Director of Government Relations
Laura Marx, Forest Ecologist
Chris McGuire, Marine Program Director
Abbie Meador, Federal Government Relations Specialist
Matthew Pelikan, Restoration Ecologist

Conservation Lands

Thomas Chase, Conservation Lands Director
Marea Gabriel, Conservation Programs Assistant
Karen Lombard, Director of Stewardship and Restoration
Elizabeth Loucks, Stewardship Manager
Dave McGowan, Associate Director of Protection
Angela Sirois, Stewardship Manager
Markelle Smith, Land Protection Specialist


Dawn Lee, Director of Finance
Holly Summers, Grants Specialist


Eric Aldrich, Marketing Specialist
Misty Edgecomb, Associate Director of Marketing
James Miller, Senior Media Relations Manager


Naomi Campbell, Executive Coordinator
Meg Connerton, Director of Operations
Andy Jordan, Operations Assistant
Jason Stowe, TIS Operations Manager


Suki Casanave, Philanthropy Writer
Bridgette Edmonds, Philanthropy Operations Manager
Jared Elder, Philanthropy Coordinator
Alyssa Kichula, Philanthropy Assistant
Jessica Rice Healey, Associate Director of Philanthropy
Venessa Salvucci, Philanthropy Researcher
Elizabeth Scott, Associate Director of Philanthropy
Maggie Stone, Events Manager
Kathleen Walsh, Director of Philanthropy
Philip Weiser, Philip, Associate Director of Philanthropy

Connecticut River Program

Katie Kennedy, Applied River Scientist
Kim Lutz, Connecticut River Program Director
Christian Marx, Floodplain Ecologist
Amy Singler, Associate Director, River Restoration

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