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  • Get on the boat and grab a PFD! It's time to go!
  • These two look like they're ready to go.
  • It was a great day to be out on the water in Grand Isle, LA.
  • Bryan Piazza takes the students out on the water.
  • Dolphin!
  • Seth Blitch points out where the artificial oyster reefs are to the students.
  • You can't beat a hot lunch of freshly caught and boiled shrimp and crabs.
  • Everyone is all smiles in Grand Isle!
  • Jean Landry teaches the students about native plants found on Grand Isle.
  • Students look at the massive pile of invasive air potatoes that have been collected on Grand Isle this summer and spring.
  • Students, chaperones and TNC staff, oh my!
NORDC and Chevron's Future Leaders
New Orleans high school students spent the day in Grand Isle learning about oyster reefs, native forests and coastal erosion.

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