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Swamp Angel

Swamp Angel surely ranks as one of the most outstanding natural areas in all of Indiana.

Why You Should Visit 

A complex of uplands, wetlands, fen, bogs and kettle lakes make up Swamp Angel - one of the most outstanding natural areas in Northeast Indiana. No season is better than another with the abundant variety of resident and transitory wildlife and native flora found at the preserve.


Noble County


North Central Tillplain


92 Acres


State Nature Preserve, 1989

Owned & Managed By

The Nature Conservancy


Division of Nature Preserve

What The Nature Conservancy is Doing/has Done

Hoping to protect the entire wetland complex, the Conservancy is working to acquire more land connected to Swamp Angel. Stewardship staff and volunteers work rigorously to control invasive exotic species. Multiflora rosa, Queen Anne's lace, sweet clover, reed canary grass and buckthorn are some of these culprits. Conserving two threatened communities - Acid Bog and the Fen - as well as threatened plant and animal species are also conservation concerns.

We’re Accountable

The Nature Conservancy makes careful use of your support.

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