Protecting Water for Nature and People

In the arid West, water is our most important resource. Majestic rivers like the Rio Grande and the Colorado aren’t just crucial for nature, they supply drinking water to tens of millions of people. 

Today, Colorado faces its toughest water challenges. One hundred and fifty years of water development and management have altered our streams and waters. Our rivers have been tapped extensively and future water shortages are expected. As competing interests vie for our water resources, nature is feeling the impact

Forty percent of Colorado’s fish are at risk, and invasive plants, including tamarisk and Russian olive, continue to choke rivers, crowd out native vegetation and alter stream flows. 

At The Nature Conservancy, our long-term vision is to ensure that enough water stays in Colorado’s rivers so that the full array of native fish and wildlife can thrive as we balance the water needs of nature and people.

Learn more below about how we are conserving important lands in Colorado: - See more at:
Learn more below about how we are protecting Colorado's waters:


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