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North America

Emerald Edge

By scaling our efforts region-wide, we have an opportunity to do things right for the most robust surviving landscape of its kind.
In the News: The Nature Conservancy Partners for Sustainable Business Growth in Alaska

The world’s largest intact temperate rainforest — a leading source of wild salmon, an enormous carbon capturer, home to deeply rooted, diverse people — unfurls along the coasts of Washington, British Columbia and Southeast Alaska.

The Emerald Edge is a landscape of spectacular resources. It’s also seen decades of unsustainable fish and timber practices. Mills closed, jobs lost: people here are seeking new paths forward that will keep them in the place they love.

This is an ideal proving ground for a new approach to conservation.

In the Emerald Edge, we can help people while protecting nature — through practices that address this landscape as a social, economic and environmental whole.

Landscapes of the Emerald Edge

The True Scale of the Emerald Edge

The Emerald Edge combines and amplifies The Nature Conservancy’s current work in four iconic places where people, trees, wildlife and fish are inextricably connected.

By scaling our efforts region-wide, we have an opportunity to do things right for the most robust surviving landscape of its kind.

  • To focus on restoring what is damaged and protecting what still thrives;
  • To help the original stewards of this land and other local people improve resource management in these forest and marine habitats;
  • To support new sustainable harvest practices, and cultivate businesses that will benefit communities in this landscape and beyond.
Pushing On An Open Door

Our Goal: Transform forest and other resource management across the Emerald Edge to sustain healthy ecosystems, economies, and the vitality of local communities who drive conservation efforts in the largest intact temperate rainforest.

Our prospective partners are willing and ready to protect this landscape for the future. Together, we’ll step through to a new kind of conservation win: one that sets the blueprint for sustainability that’s driven by empowered local people in landscapes worldwide.

How We're Helping 

At The Nature Conservancy, we protect and restore the Emerald Edge by: 

  1. Restoring and sustainably managing old-growth forest systems for thriving communities 
  2. Improving policies and practices to ensure a healthy living ocean 
  3. Sparking entrepreneurship in rural communities and supporting sustainable solutions for diverse coastal economies
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  • Download the Emerald Edge brochure to learn more about this exciting project. 
  • Learn more about how old growth forests are injecting new life into conservation. 

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