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Animals of the Great Bear Rainforest

The complex web of life in the Great Bear Rainforest.

From the high alpine regions of the coastal mountain range, to the low valley streams that feed into the Pacific Ocean, the animals that inhabit the Great Bear Rainforest are not only amazing and unique, they are also interconnected. Each species plays a critical role in maintaining a functioning ecosystem.

The abundance of life on land in the Great Bear Rainforest also spills out into the nearby Pacific Ocean. Here, rebounding sea otter populations feed on sea urchin, protecting local kelp forests from urchin overgrazing. Thousands of schools of minuscule krill feed humpbacks, salmon, herring and threatened birds. In turn, pods of orcas rely on strong salmon returns and healthy marine mammal populations for their nourishment.
Healthy populations of terrestrial species in the Great Bear Rainforest rely upon healthy populations of marine and freshwater species. In this amazing region, it is nearly impossible to separate the land from the sea.

Birds of the Great Bear Rainforest

The Salmon Connection

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