Gulf of Mexico

After the Spill: Two Years Later

The Conservancy has been working to restore the Gulf of Mexico since long before the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill brought it to the world’s attention in such a tragic way. Though the oil has stopped flowing, the story in the Gulf of Mexico is far from over.

As we mark the second anniversary of the spill, it is important to note that the Gulf still faces many challenges beyond cleaning up the oil. After decades of damage, large-scale restoration is needed to rebuild the marshes, seagrasses, oyster beds, coastal forests and barrier islands that are the foundation of all life in the Gulf of Mexico and basis for the economic engine that contributes to the nation's economy.

To help meet this need and show that restoration is both necessary and possible, the Conservancy spent the last two years—with the help and support of our donors and partners—expanding and accelerating our work to protect and restore the ecological and economic infrastructure of the Gulf. We are committed to long-term restoration. Our more than 35 years of experience here provides us with the tools and information to get started, but it will take the efforts of many people—from non-profits, to businesses, to communities and governments—to return the Gulf to health.

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