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  • The Warlpiri people recently invited partners and guests to central Australia for a special event: the declaration of the Southern Tanami Indigenous Protected Area. ©Peter Taylor/TNC
  • The Tanami Desert is now home to Australia’s largest protected area on land, and it will continue to be managed by its Traditional Owners, who will be employed as rangers. ©Peter Taylor/TNC
  • Southern Tanami’s sprawling 10.15 million hectares of desert and savanna contain an immense variety of biodiversity, including roughly 100 species of reptiles. ©Peter Taylor/TNC
  • The IPA—which is half the size of Colorado—also contains threatened, uniquely Australian species like this bilby. ©Central Land Council
  • The Nature Conservancy is contributing $500,000 toward helping Traditional owners with conservation strategies such as threatened species tracking and fire abatement. ©Central Land Council
  • Southern Tanami's Traditional Owners recently invited the Conservancy and various guests to the desert to celebrate the announcement of the new IPA. ©Peter Taylor/TNC
  • The Conservancy's Peter Taylor (left), Federal Indigenous Health Minister Warren Snowdon and IPA Program Director Bruce Rose look on as the formal declaration ceremony begins. ©Jake Cohen/TNC
  • The Conservancy's Peter Taylor greets the assembled crowd of more than 200 Traditional Owners and thanks them for the opportunity to help celebrate Southern Tanami. ©Jake Cohen/TNC
  • The formal, signed declaration document waves in the breeze. ©Jake Cohen/TNC
  • Southern Tanami’s Traditional Owners celebrate its formal declaration as an IPA—a process five years in the making. ©Peter Taylor/TNC
  • The Conservancy is proud to support Southern Tanami’s ongoing management, which will combine Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge to achieve better conservation outcomes. ©Central Land Council
  • Together with the Central Land Council, the Australian Government and the Warlpiri Traditional owners, we hope to ensure a prosperous future for Southern Tanami, its wildlife and its people. ©Peter Taylor/TNC
Declaration in the Desert
Annoucing Southern Tanami Indigenous Protected Area, Australia's Largest Conservation Land

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