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The Nature Conservancy is the largest freshwater conservation organization in the world – operating in 35 countries with more than 300 freshwater scientists and 500 freshwater conservation sites globally. We work with businesses, governments, partners and communities to change how water is managed around the world. Meet our Global Water leaders.  

Nature and people at risk

Today, unprecedented pressures on the resources of the planet are putting our access to water at risk. Many people are already feeling this strain, and so too is nature – as rivers, lakes and other freshwater ecosystems face collapse across the planet. 

The challenge

Traditional solutions – such as the building of dams, reservoirs and other types of infrastructure – are proving too costly and unsustainable on their own. Relying solely on these traditional water management solutions actually compromises many of the benefits that healthy lakes and rivers provide – inflicting significant costs on the people who depend on those natural systems for food, income, recreation and other services. We must find new solutions.

Our approach

The Nature Conservancy believes that powerful alternatives exist – integrating our traditional infrastructure with solutions rooted in nature. Nature is not only the ultimate source of our water, but it also helps us keep it clean, and manage and protect it for different needs. We can fundamentally change how the world manages its water resources by researching and providing solutions that value the role nature plays in maintaining life's most fundamental resource.



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