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Restoration Works

In honor of oceans around the world, we’ve captured highlights of our restoration work. Read on to learn more!

The Nature Conservancy is a leading marine restoration organization with projects restoring corals, mangroves, sea grasses, shellfish and other habitats around the globe. 

Some habitats, like coral and shellfish reefs, are especially important to ocean health, coastal economies and human well-being. Yet, these habitats are also extremely threatened: 85 percent of oyster reefs have been lost globally and 70 percent of coral reefs are threatened. The Nature Conservancy scientists, restoration experts, partners and volunteers are working to turn the tide – restoring coastal habitats that can help: 

  • Prevent erosion;
  • Reduce the risk to coastal communities during storms; and
  • Provide important habitat that supports local businesses through fishing, tourism and other economic drivers.

Over the past decade we've been putting science into action at over 160 restoration sites around the globe, 148 of them conducted in partnership with NOAA in U.S. waters. We’ve captured highlights of our restoration work below.

Download the Restoration Works brochure that further highlights our restoration work and partnership with NOAA. 

Oyster Reef Restoration

Building a Coral Nursery

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