Oceans and Coasts

Resilient and Productive Fisheries

Our Work Protecting Global Fisheries

The Challenge:
Millions of fishers take to the oceans each day to feed local communities and a growing global appetite for seafood. Their catch and livelihoods are part of a $190 billion global seafood industry. In all, seafood now makes up 16 percent of the animal protein we consume and that demand is expected to double in the next two-decades. The challenge we now face is how to sustainably produce enough fish to meet this demand while maintaining healthy oceans with sharks, whales, turtles and other important marine life.

Our Approach:
Our fisheries work is based on a proven track record of partnering with fishermen and the fishing industry in collaborative projects that use science, technology and policy to advocate for access rights to fishing grounds for local fishermen and links their fishing to markets that value sustainable products. We believe that by engaging with fishermen, seafood companies, communities and policymakers in collaborative projects worldwide we can ensure that fishermen do not have to choose between either making a living today or ensuring that their livelihoods last far into the future—they can do both— have a sustainable business while protecting and restoring fish habitat.

Our work to secure fisheries reform is bolstered by our longstanding conservation presence in Indonesia, China, Peru, Chile and the U.S., countries that account for more than 40 percent of global wild caught fish and in our other key demonstration sites around the globe.


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