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How may we help you? You can use this page to quickly find answers to common questions about The Nature Conservancy.

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About Us 

How do I contact The Nature Conservancy? 
How do I contact my local chapter of The Nature Conservancy? 
Whom can I ask about a Nature Conservancy project in my area?

How do I apply to work for The Nature Conservancy?
Do you have any internships available?
How do I volunteer with The Nature Conservancy?
Can you tell me the status of a Conservancy job I applied for?

What does The Nature Conservancy do?
What is The Nature Conservancy's mission and how does it work?
Where can I find financial information for The Nature Conservancy?
How is The Nature Conservancy funded?
What is the Adopt an Acre Program?
What is The Nature Conservancy's position on hunting and fishing?
How do I get a Nature Conservancy calendar?

Our Science:
Can I get a copy of something published by The Nature Conservancy?
How can I find The Nature Conservancy's scientific information?

Photo & Video:
Can I use a photograph from The Nature Conservancy's web site or magazine?
Would The Nature Conservancy like to use or purchase my photography?

Where We Work:
Where does The Nature Conservancy work?
Where can I find out more about the Conservancy's activities in my state?
Can The Nature Conservancy help with a project in my area?
Whom can I ask about conservation easements?


What is The Nature Conservancy's Tax ID Number?
Can I receive a replacement acknowledgement for a donation I made?
Can I direct my donation to a particular area or project?
Are donations to The Nature Conservancy tax-deductible?
How do I donate to The Nature Conservancy?
How do I donate goods or services to the Conservancy?
Why does my return envelope have a Baltimore return address?
Tribute Giving:
How can I give a gift membership? 
How do I give a gift to someone else?
Can my friends donate in honor of my special occasion?
Can people donate in memory of my loved one?
How do I make a gift in memory of someone who has died?
How can I make an honorary donation to The Nature Conservancy?
Workplace Giving:
If I donate through my workplace, will I receive the magazine?
Giving Online:
My billing address is correct, so why can't my transaction be processed?
Where is my gift item?
What can I do if my premium gift item was damaged, lost or stolen?
What can I do if I received the wrong gift item?
Real Estate:
Can I sell or donate my property to The Nature Conservancy?
Recurring Gifts:
Can I make regular, automatic donations to The Nature Conservancy?
How do I change the information for my automatic donations?
How do I cancel my automatic donations?
Can I make automatic donations using my electronic bill-pay service?

Why am I still getting renewal notices after I already donated?


How do I change my mailing address?
How do I set up a seasonal address change with The Nature Conservancy?
Can you remove me from your mailing list?
Can you remove me from your mailing list? I am a member.
How can I receive less mail?
Can you remove someone else's name from your mailing list?
How can I stop receiving duplicate mailings?

Can I have a state membership rather than a general one?
How do I join The Nature Conservancy?
What are the benefits of joining The Nature Conservancy?
How can I receive a replacement Membership Card?
What if I am already a member, but am receiving invitations to join the Conservancy?
When will my membership card arrive?
Can I be a member, but not receive the magazine?
What is the Last Great Places Society?

Great Places:
What is Great Places?
How do I change my contact information with Great Places?
How can I get my password and/or username for Great Places?
How do I unsubscribe from Great Places?

Monthly Giving:
How can I make monthly, automatic donations to The Nature Conservancy?
Why should I donate monthly?
What are the benefits of making monthly, automatic donations?
Can I change or cancel my monthly donation?
How will my monthly donations be used?
I currently donate monthly by check – can I switch to automatic monthly giving?
I want to give monthly – can my donation go to a specific state or program?
I have a question about my monthly gift. Whom can I contact?

How do I renew my membership?
When can I expect my first renewal notice?


Whom can I ask about a specific preserve?
Where can I see a list of all Nature Conservancy preserves?

Visiting a Preserve:
Can I visit a Nature Conservancy preserve?
What should I do to prepare to visit a Nature Conservancy preserve?
What should I bring when I visit a Nature Conservancy preserve?
When are Nature Conservancy preserves open?
What activities are permitted on Nature Conservancy preserves?
Are any activities prohibited on Nature Conservancy preserves?


Will The Nature Conservancy add a link on to my web site? 
Can I link my web site to The Nature Conservancy's?
Does The Nature Conservancy's web site have information for students or children?

Privacy, Legal Disclosure and Terms of use:
Does The Nature Conservancy exchange membership records with other organizations? 
Where can I learn more about The Nature Conservancy's privacy statement?
How does The Nature Conservancy protect my online privacy on
Is my information secure at
Does The Nature Conservancy use cookies?
Where can I find the legal disclosure and terms of use for
Is vulnerable to the "Heartbleed" bug?

We’re Accountable

The Nature Conservancy makes careful use of your support.

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