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What’s the difference between global warming and climate change? Can we reintroduce extinct species? And what causes coral to bleach?

It’s a bewildering world, and we’re here to help. Our 600 scientists respond to common conservation questions.

In the meantime, see what questions Conservancy scientists have answered thus far.

People and Conservation
What is the Conservancy's Stance on Hunting?

Does the Conservancy allow hunting on its preserve? And if so, why?

Save a Tree, Save How Much CO2?

A reader from Ohio helped save 170 acres of forest from development.But do such efforts to save small forest tracts really have much of an impact? Find out.

Can We Right the Water Imbalance?

With extreme floods in the news lately—Pakistan, Australia, Brazil—it's hard to believe that the world has a water scarcity problem. Or that some of these same places also suffer from severe drought. What's going on with water around the globe? Our freshwater scientist explains.

Conservation and the Military — Unlikely Friends?

A Facebook friend from Texas wants to know: is the Conservancy involved inside military bases to promote or teach the base managers about its impact on their local environment? Find out.

Climate Change
Retiring to Florida? Don't Forget Climate Change

A reader is planning to retire in Florida, but first wants to know what the climate change impacts could be there. Learn more.

Are the Conservancy’s Headquarters Sustainable?

Go inside the Conservancy's headquarters and see how we're reducing our carbon footprint. Learn more.

Urban Forests and Climate Change

Can urban forests help sequester carbon and offset emissions? Learn more.

How to Help Corals Survive Climate Change?

Ocean acidification is slowly weakening corals and reef structure, and is hard to detect. Learn more.

Cap-and-Trade vs. Carbon Tax

Which is better for reducing the impacts of climate change? Learn more.

Oceans and Coasts
Is the Great Barrier Reef Disappearing?

Is this iconic coral reef system disappearing? Find out.

Can We Save Coral Reefs?

The outlook for coral reefs is pretty gloomy—can they be saved? Find out.

Oil vs. Nature

Mike Beck gives us perspective on how large oil spills like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill affect the Gulf of Mexico. Learn more.

Freshwater Conservation
Is There Really a Global Freshwater Shortage?

Our freshwater scientists answers how he sees the world's ever-expanding population handling any potential water shortages.

Forest Conservation
How Does a Forest Become Naturally Overgrown?

Reporters and media use the term "overgrowth" when describing why forest fires are so intense, but isn't there a carrying capacity in nature that would prevent this from occurring?

Why Do Nurseries Sell Invasives?

At the national level, we are working to prevent invasive species from being introduced to market. See how.

Can We Stop the Sale of Invasvies?

If you have a green thumb, you may have noticed that some plant nurseries still sell invasive species. Who is responsible for putting a stop to this?

Don’t Invasives Have Rights, Too?

Why do invasive species get such a bad rap? Learn more.


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