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Science Leaders and Innovators


Hugh Possingham
Chief Scientist and Chair of the Cabinet of Lead Scientists
Expertise: Spatial Planning; Decision Science; Population Modelling; Marine, Freshwater & Terrestrial Ecology; Optimal Monitoring 


Heather Tallis
Global Managing Director and Lead Scientist for Strategy Innovation
Expertise: Ecosystem Services; Human Well Being; Equity; Return on Investment; Monitoring

Mike Beck
Lead Marine Scientist
Expertise: Climate Adaptation; Marine Spatial Planning; Disaster Risk Reduction; Coastal Habitat Restoration

Deborah Bossio
Lead Soil Scientist
Expertise: Soil Science; Agriculture; Ecosystems; Conservation; Climate Change

Joe Fargione
Lead Scientist, North America Region
Expertise: Natural Climate Solutions; Conservation Planning; Valuing Nature’s Benefits; Land Use Change; Energy Siting and Mitigation

Eddie Game
Lead Scientist, Asia Pacific Region
Expertise: Science in Decision Making; Field Expeditions; Evidence; Monitoring; Technology; Climate Change

Joe Kiesecker
Lead Scientist, Development by Design
Expertise: Development by Design; Energy Siting and Mitigation; Environmental Change in Disease Emergence; Climate Change

Rob McDonald
Lead Scientist, Global Cities
Expertise: Conservation for Cities; Urban Sustainability; Water Use

Jennifer Molnar
Lead Scientist, Center for Sustainability Science
Expertise: Sustainability; Valuing Nature’s Benefits; Climate Change Adaptation

Carmen Revenga
Sustainable Fisheries Strategy Lead, Global Oceans
Expertise: Sustainable Fisheries; Fisheries Management; Freshwater and Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystems; Water Resources Management

Priya Shyamsundar
Lead Economist
Expertise: Welfare Economics; Socioeconomics


Marissa Ahlering, MN/ND/SD
Lead Prairie Ecologist
Expertise: Grassland Songbird Ecology; Invasive Species Management; Population Genetics; Prairie Butterfly Ecology; Climate Change

David Albert
Director of Conservation Science, Alaska Chapter
Expertise: Wildlife Management; Geographic Information Systems; Community Planning

Sharon Baruch-Mordo
Spatial Scientist
Expertise: Energy Siting; Climate Change Mitigation; Biodiversity Conservation

Leandro Baumgarten
Lead Scientist, Brazil
Expertise: Landscape Ecology; Conservation Strategies Development; Agriculture and Conservation; GIS and Remote Sensing

Giulio Boccaletti
Chief Strategy Officer; Global Managing Director, Water
Expertise: Sustainability; Economics; Water Security

Timothy Boucher
Senior Conservation Geographer
Expertise: Conservation Science; Bioacoustics; Conservation Biology; Remote Sensing

Jorge Brenner
Associate Director of Marine Science, Texas Chapter
Expertise: Spatial Conservation Planning; Marine Ecology; Migratory Species Conservation; Valuing Nature’s Benefits; Climate Change Assessment and Adaptation

Rob Brumbaugh
Senior Marine Scientist, Florida Program
Expertise: Marine Spatial Planning; Ecosystem Services; Biological Oceanography; Fisheries; Habitat Restoration

Anisa Budiayu
Marine Program Manager, Indonesia Program
Expertise: Coastal Resource Management; Sustainability; Marine Protected Areas

David Cleary
Director, Global Agriculture Strategy
Expertise: Food Security; Ecosystem Services; Anthropology

Meredith Cornett
Director of Conservation Science, MN/ND/SD
Expertise: Conservation Biology; Forests; Deer; Restoration; Climate Change

Patrick Doran
Director of Conservation Science, Great Lakes Region
Expertise: Biodiversity Conservation; Great Lakes; Remote Sensing

Ronnie Drever
Forest Ecologist, Canada Program
Expertise: Sustainable Forest Management; Land Use Planning; Conservation of Woodland Caribou; Rare Species; Boreal Forest Carbon

Jeffrey S. Evans
Senior Landscape Ecologist
Expertise: Ecology; Spatial Statistics; Landscape Ecology; Nonparametric Statistics; Remote Sensing

Mary Fales
Program Director, Saginaw Bay
Expertise: Agricultural Conservation; Great Lakes Water Quality; Saginaw Bay Watershed

Jon Fisher
Senior Conservation Scientist, Center for Sustainability Science
Expertise: Sustainability; Agriculture; Spatial Science; Metrics; Decision Science

James Fitzsimons
Director of Conservation, The Nature Conservancy in Australia
Expertise: Conservation Policy; Conservation Planning; Public Land Use

Chris Gillies
Marine Manager
Expertise: Marine Conservation; Habitat Restoration; Environmental Economics

Mary Gleason
Director of Science, California Oceans Program
Expertise: Coastal and Marine Conservation; Marine Spatial Planning; Fisheries

Josh Goldstein
Director, Bridge Collaborative
Expertise: Ecosystem Services; Ecological Economics; Conservation Finance; Private Lands Conservation

Sara Gottlieb
Director of Freshwater Science & Strategy, Georgia Chapter
Expertise: Conservation Planning; GIS; Aquatic Ecology

Alison Green
Senior Marine Scientist
Expertise: Marine Conservation; Designing Networks of Marine Managed Areas; Coral Reef Ecology

Bronson Griscom
Director, Forest Carbon Science
Expertise: Ecosystem Carbon Flux; Forest Ecology; Climate Change

Lynne Hale
Senior Marine Conservation Fellow
Expertise: Marine Policy; Fisheries; Marine Conservation

Kim Hall
Climate Adaptation Specialist, North America
Expertise: Climate Change; Conservation Planning; Climate Adaptation; Songbird Conservation

Eric Hallstein
Chief Economist and Investments Director, California
Expertise: Environmental Economics; Behavior Economics; Conservation Finance

Judy Haner
Marine Programs Director, The Nature Conservancy in Alabama
Expertise: Marine, Estuarine and Watershed Restoration; Coastal Ecology

Michael Heiner
Conservation Scientist, Global Conservation Lands
Expertise: Landscape and Watershed Spatial Planning; Mitigation Planning; Spatial Ecology

Jonathan Higgins
Director of Conservation, Great Rivers Partnership
Expertise: Freshwater Conservation; Water Quality 

Robyn James
Conservation Director, Melanesia
Expertise: Community Conservation; Gender; Natural Resource Management; Pacific Islands

Elizabeth Kalies
Director of Science, North Carolina Chapter
Expertise: Wildlife Ecology; Forestry; Restoration Ecology; Species Distribution Modeling; Science Synthesis and Meta-analysis

Christina Kennedy
Senior Scientist, Global Lands
Expertise: Agriculture; Avian Ecology; Biodiversity Conservation; Development by Design; Ecosystem Services; Landscape Ecology; Spatial Planning

Timm Kroeger
Senior Environmental Economist
Expertise: Environmental Economics; Cost-benefit Analysis; Conservation Return-on-investment Analysis; Payments for Ecosystem Services

Amy Smith Kyle
Coastal Conservation Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy, Louisiana
Expertise: Avian Biology; Oyster Reef Restoration; Coastal Restoration; Coastal Streams / Rivers

Yuta Masuda
Senior Sustainable Development and Behavioral Scientist
Expertise: Environmental Policy; Human Well-being; Sustainable Development; Gender

Lizzie McLeod
Climate Adaptation Scientist (Asia-Pacific)
Expertise: Climate Change; Adaptation; Reef Resilience; Ocean Acidification; Marine Protected Areas; Faith and Conservation Partnerships

Kerry Metlen
Forest Ecologist
Expertise: Community Ecology; Fire Ecology; Climate Change; Forest Ecology

Jensen Montambault
Director, Science for Nature and People Partnership
Expertise: Interdisciplinary Ecology; Co-production; Human Behavior; Human Well-being

Scott Morrison
Director of Conservation Science, California Program
Expertise: Conservation Biology, Conservation Planning; Ecology

Jessica Musengezi
Governance Economist
Expertise: Human Well-being; Sustainable Agriculture; Social Monitoring

Diego Navarrete
Carbon Specialist
Expertise: Carbon Cycling; GHG Emissions / Removals; Climate Change; Forestry; Plant Phenology

Jim Oakleaf
Expertise: Geospatial Technologies; Web Mapping; Development by Design

Sally Palmer
Director of Science and Policy, The Nature Conservancy in Tennessee
Expertise: Conservation Planning; State and Federal Natural Resource Policy; Freshwater Conservation

Carlos Pedraza
GIS/Data Specialist, Northern Andes and South Central America (NASCA) Program
Expertise: Geographic Information Systems; Forest Monitoring

Bryan Piazza
Director, Freshwater and Marine Science, The Nature Conservancy in Louisiana
Expertise: Environmental Decision Making; Resource Management; Wetland Restoration and Monitoring; Freshwater and Marine Science

Sheila Walsh Reddy
Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives, Chief Strategy Office
Expertise: Economics; Ecosystem Services; Sustainability

Julie Robinson
Fisheries Lead, Mexico and Northern Central America Oceans Program
Expertise: Applied Conservation Science; Fisheries Management; Community Engagement; Spatial Planning; Coral Reef Health

Musnanda Satar
Natural Resources Planning Manager, Indonesia Chapter
Expertise: Geographic Information Systems; Strategic Environmental Assessment; Natural Resource Management; Participatory Planning

Elizabeth Schuster
Environmental Economist
Expertise: Environmental Economics; Ecosystem Services; Agriculture; Economic Development & Tourism; Local Climate Adaptation and Planning

Christine Shepard
Director of Science, Gulf of Mexico Program
Expertise: Ecosystem-based Hazard Mitigation; Systematic Conservation Planning; Marine Conservation 

Elizabeth C. Smith
Environmental Economist
Expertise: Environmental Economics; Valuing Nature’s Benefits; Ecosystem Services

Joanna Smith
Director Ocean Planning and Mapping, TNC Canada, Global Oceans
Expertise: Marine Spatial Planning; Protected Areas; Fisheries; Policy; Ecology and Oceanography; Seabirds

Kei Sochi
Spatial Ecologist, Development by Design
Expertise: Conservation Planning; Geographic Information Systems; Spatial Optimization; Mitigation; Birds

Mark Spalding
Senior Scientist, Global Oceans
Expertise: Marine Conservation; Marine Biodiversity; Ecosystem Services; Mangroves; Coral Reefs

Jin Tong
Science Director, The Nature Conservancy, China Program
Expertise: Conservation Strategic Planning; Protected Area Planning & Management; Wildlife Ecology and Primatology

Anne Trainor
Smart Growth Director
Expertise: Wildlife Conservation; Spatial Ecology; Energy Development; Land Use Planning; Remote Sensing

Steven Victor
Director, Micronesia Program
Expertise: Marine Protected Areas; Fisheries Management

Stephanie Wear
Senior Scientist and Strategy Advisor for The Nature Conservancy
Expertise: Marine Ecology and Conservation; Coral Reefs and Climate Change; Human Health and Environment

Nicholas Wolff
Climate Change Scientist
Expertise: Climate Change Impacts; Coral Reef Resilience; Oceanography; Marine Ecology; Spatial Planning; Spatial Analysis

Stephen Wood
Applied Scientist
Expertise: Soil; Agriculture; Sustainability Science; Ecosystem Ecology; Data Science

Bayarjargal Yunden
Director of Science, Mongolia Program
Expertise: Remote Sensing; Ecoregional Assessment


Cara Byington
Science Writer

Lisa Feldkamp
Science Writer

Justine E. Hausheer
Science Writer

Matthew L. Miller
Director of Science Communications


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