NatureNet Science Fellows

2018 Partners and Mentors

Applicants are required to identify a project from the list below. It is expected that applicants will reach out to Nature Conservancy and University mentors to identify best fit and engage in co-development of the proposal. Letters of support are required from both mentors. Questions? Please view our Frequently Asked Questions Document.

Applications and supporting documents should be submitted through the NatureNet Application Portal.

Click Here: List of NatureNet Fellowship Projects and Mentors

Eligibility Requirements and Award Terms


Applicants must have completed their doctorate within five years of the application close date. Please contact the NatureNet Program Director if there are extenuating circumstances that have caused significant educational or employment disruption resulting in an applicant holding their doctorate for more than five years.

Postdoctoral appointments and grant dispersals start between May 1 and October 1. Applicants who have not yet completed their doctorate must clearly indicate on the application that the degree is expected to be awarded no later than September 1 of the year they start the fellowship. For those applying for a fellowship through Columbia University, this must be the first post-doc position you will hold.

Fellowships and grants are expected to run for two consecutive years. Second-year renewal is contingent upon satisfactory progress and contribution to the collective program.


Fellows identify and work with a Nature Conservancy mentor and a senior scholar (or scholars) from one of the NatureNet Partner Universities to develop a research program. Eligible individuals will not be employed as a postdoctoral student at the start of this fellowship. Applicants employed in non-postdoctoral positions that will continue into the fellowship period should address in their application how they will manage the responsibilities of both positions.

Each Fellow will receive a non-negotiable annual salary of $50,000 plus benefits and an annual research and travel budget of approximately $25,000.

University Partners (Full Postdoctoral Fellowship)

The program is run in partnership with universities that represent traditional and non-traditional disciplines relevant to conservation science. Applicants must identify one university as their home institution and may submit only one application, but are encouraged to suggest collaborations with additional universities and institutions. This year’s participating universities for the full fellowship are: the Institute at Brown University for Environment and SocietyColumbia University’s Earth Institute*; Science for Nature and People Partnership; Stanford University; University of California – Los Angeles’s Institute for Environment and Sustainability; University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment, University of Virginia, and the University of Queensland.

  * For those applying for a fellowship through Columbia University, this must be the first post-doc position you will hold.


Eligible individuals will hold a postdoctoral position, with at least two years remaining on the position, at an accredited university or research institution at the time of application. Grantees and their university mentor collaborate with a Nature Conservancy mentor to develop a research application.

Each grantee will receive a research stipend of $20,000 plus $2,100 to cover institutional indirect costs. Funds are awarded directly to the grantee's institution and may be used for such purposes as equipment, technical assistance, professional travel, trainee support, or any other activity directly related to the grantee's research. Salary support is limited to a maximum of three months of the established academic salary (not including IDC).


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