Bridge Collaborative

Bridging evidence-based impact across environment, health and development communities.


The Bridge Collaborative envisions the global health, development and environment communities jointly solving today’s complex, interconnected challenges. By inspiring a community of leaders and practitioners from across disciplines, sectors and perspectives, we are developing a shared evidence base for solutions that bridge inclusive development and environmental sustainability.

People and nature are linked. This simple statement belies the complex reality confronting the environment, health and development sectors. Each community recognizes the interconnectedness of their challenges, but they need a common evidence base, shared goals, and a clear view of solutions that work across sectors.

These three communities already approach problems by creating logic models or results chains for how a change in the system will lead to outcomes. A health practitioner considering how to solve a rural health challenge examines how different preventative and treatment options will affect health, costs, access to care and other key outcomes. Development practitioners consider how infrastructure, capacity building, incentives and other strategies will affect people’s income and well being. And conservation practitioners working to aid biodiversity think through how actions from land and water protection to improved management policies and practices will create environmental change.

But—today, we all do this differently. Creating shared principles for results chains and assessing evidence will unlock the transformation we need to solve our planet’s increasingly complex and interconnected challenges.

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