convict tangs 182x116 Kingdom of the Hungry: Palmyra's Biodiversity Palmyra Atoll is a shark sanctuary and the ultimate living laboratory. Stonefish Palmyra 60x60 STONE-CORAL-PALMYRA Boobies Overhead Palmyra 60x60 BOOBIES-OVERHEAD-PALMYRA Strawberry Hermit Crab 60x60 STRAWBERRY-HERMIT-CRAB pisoria trees 60x60 PISORIA-TREES yellowmargin triggerfish 60x60 YELLOWMARGIN-TRIGGERFISH melon headed whales 60x60 MELON-HEADED-WHALES convict tangs 60x60 CONVICT-TANGS blacktip reef shark 60x60 BLACKTIP-REEF-SHARK shore crab 60x60 SHORE-CRAB Palmyra Atoll 60x60 PALMYRA-ATOLL-615X405