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Mitigation Strategies

The Nature Conservancy is a global leader in providing mitigation solutions. Since 2003, The Nature Conservancy has engaged in more than 200 mitigation projects that directed $725 million to protect and restore 1.6 million acres across the United States.  We work with a diverse set of stakeholders and follow a core set of standards and practices, and mitigation strategies, to achieve science-based, high quality, cost-effective mitigation solutions.  

Our approach draws on over four decades of experience in mitigation program design and project delivery. We have an on-the-ground presence in all 50 states to meet the needs of complex mitigation projects, working across land, freshwater, and marine environments. We support mitigation solutions through a range of activities:

  • Design mitigation strategies, programs, and projects to address mitigation needs and achieve conservation outcomes for species, aquatic resources, habitats, and ecosystem services
  • Develop science-based landscape assessments and tools to support mitigation planning and decisions for avoidance, minimization, and/or compensatory mitigation
  • Deliver compensatory mitigation solutions on-the-ground:
    • Mitigation and conservation banks
    • Permittee‑responsible mitigation
    • In-lieu fee programs 

Examples of our work
  • Conducting large-scale assessments throughout the U.S., including work on reliable energy and transmission, in the Great Plains, Western states, and in central Appalachia.
  • Sponsoring mitigation banks and partnering with private bankers in Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia.
  • Carrying out turnkey permittee-responsible mitigation projects to protect and restore critical habitats. Examples in California, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, and South Carolina.
  • Sponsoring and administering species and aquatic resource in‑lieu fee programs in California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Virginia.
  • Working in collaboration with state agencies and other partners to design mitigation programs for sage grouse, aquatic resources, and listed species in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.
  • Designing comprehensive mitigation solutions for environmental settlements in Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, South Carolina, and Texas.
  • Developing siting and crediting tools in the Great Plains, Colorado, New York, and Nevada. 

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Jessica Wilkinson
Senior Policy Advisor, Mitigation

Nels Johnson
Director, North America Energy Project


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