Making a Difference on Climate

Working across all 50 United States, The Nature Conservancy is making a difference on climate change.

Restoring Peatlands in North Carolina


Some states are focusing on nature-based solutions that use biosequestration to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. In North Carolina, we’re restoring peatlands like the Picosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. Peat can hold up to twice as much carbon as regular forest lands, so long as it is kept wet. Our scientists are not only re-wetting the peatlands, but measuring its carbon storage potential.

Farmer-to-Farmer Making a Difference for Soil in Iowa


Farmer-to-farmer interaction is essential to promote soil health practices, which can be a significant help in addressing climate change. As a member of the Soil Health Partnership, Tim Smith is part of a growing network of farmers testing innovative agriculture practices and sharing data with other farmers through meetings, conferences and field days.

Making Policy Moves for Clean Energy in New Hampshire


Some of our states are addressing climate change through advocating for policies that reduce carbon emissions by promoting cleaner energy and energy efficiency. In New Hampshire, our advocacy on behalf of the state’s Renewable Energy Fund is proving invaluable to state legislators who are in favor of fostering a clean energy future in the Granite State.