What's New Images & Videos Our Priorities Polar bears in Canada 125x83 Get the Facts Get the facts about climate change. Forest trail at Dolly Sands 125x83 Helpful Tips Discover helpful tips for reducing your personal carbon emissions. Planet Change Thumbnail Planet Change Speak out on what you want to protect from climate change. Carbon monitoring in forest 125x83 Forest Carbon Solutions Reducing emissions from deforestation. Sunrise over cottonwood tree 125x83 Preparing for Change Helping people and natural areas adapt to changing climate. Oil refineries in Philadelphia 125x83 Reducing Carbon Pollution Supporting policies to minimize climate impacts. Eiffel Tower 1500x879v2 The Paris Agreement What it hopes to accomplish, and what it means for you. COP21 Logo 125x83 UNFCCC COP21, Paris, France Learn how the Conservancy helped shape the global dialogue and negotiations at the historic COP 21 climate talks. elk river wind 125x83 U.S. Climate Strategy Achieving significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions in the United States is critical to address climate change and propel global progress. We are working in all 50 states to promote constructive dialogue and action.