Why I Love Nature

Each person in The Nature Conservancy’s online community has a story about why they love nature.

Alexandra Zobel recently shared a few reasons she loves nature with us. Read Alexandra's story below and then share your own story to inspire others!

What is it about nature that you love?


There are so many unexpected moments of beauty; whether its an amazing view turning a bend on a mountain path, the afternoon sun hitting a brick building, or a dolphin jumping in water turned purple by the setting sun, there is always something to take your breath away.

What is your favorite thing to do in nature and why?


Most anything that involves water, hiking to a waterfall or hot springs, floating down a lazy river, swimming in the sea, kayaking or just putting my feet in a brook all make me unbelievably happy. You can find water almost anywhere and it can be a contemplative and relaxing experience or an exhilarating and energizing one.

What is your advice to someone who isn’t active enjoying the outdoors today? How can they easily get started?


Most things are better in a group. Try a picnic by a lake or an easy nature walk with friends. Biking somewhere fun like on river paths or beach roads, which tend to have very few hills can also be a great way to motivate yourself to experience the outdoors and breathe fresh air, while you exercise and get to be with your friends.  

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