TNC- CONAF Environmental Workshops come to an end in Huape and Chaihuin school

Friday, December 13, 2014. The new cycle of environmental education workshops organized jointly by the Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Conaf was crowned by a trip to the Carlos Anwandater and Punucapa Nature Sanctuary for children from Huape and Chaihin schools, in the borough of Corral.

The 30 children who participated in this activity were motivated and happy. The cycle of workshops lasted throughout the whole year and was crowned by a river trip from Valdivia to the Nature Sanctuary and an activity in the town of Punucapa. For more than two hours, the children from the Huape and Chaihuín schools observed a great diversity of wildlife guided and supervised by The Nature Conservancy and CONAF park rangers as well as their teachers.

The environmental education workshops are held throughout the year, twice a week so that " that the children can become aware of the high value of biodiversity that surrounds them and so that they are able to identify various species of flora and fauna, participating in theoretical and practical workshops throughout the year in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve (VCR) and the Alerce Costero National Park, among others, " said Solange Zamorano, VCR Park Ranger Coordinator .

This year the central topic of the Workshops - part of the Ecology in the School Yard Program, (Spanish acronym EEPE) - was restoration. "The most important activity of the year was the restoration of an area within the Reserve where eucalyptus was planted before. There, the children picked a tree and planted it, participating in the whole restoration cycle. They measured and recorded the location of their trees to subsequently go back and see progress with time", Danilo Gonzalez, Ranger and Manager of the TNC Environmental Education Workshops said.

Environmental workshops are funded by TNC, CONAF and the schools involved.

Photo by Daniela Contreras


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