Seminar will be held to commemorate Forest Day

Valdivian Coastal Reserve

Thursday, March 20, 2014. The international NGO will hold next 15th of April “ The Value of Forests: Carbon Offsets and Marketing” seminar whose focus will be the Valdivian Coastal Reserve as the first case in Chile that certifies carbon offsets from avoiding deforestation and forest degradation. 

The General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed 21 March, 1971 as the International Forest Day as a way of calling attention to the rapid and massive destruction of forests around the world and as a manner of drawing people´s interest in relation to the consequences it has for life and human activities.

Considering that nearly 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the destruction of forests, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has decided to remember the important date organizing an international seminar in order to analyze and to talk about proposals related to forest conservation around the world.

“Our organization has been developing, testing and implementing some activates that tend to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through deforestation and forest degradation for a number of years and we use a strategy known as REDD as part of the set of initiatives aimed at fighting climate change, protecting forests and world biodiversity,” Maryann Ramirez, Conservation Manager of TNC said.

This is why the aim of the seminar is to show both national and international community the Valdivian Coastal Reserve case in the Los Rios Region as the first institution to certify carbon offsets through avoiding deforestation and forest degradation in an important area of the Valdivian forest.

“We must promote the creation of a carbon offset market where the contribution from private institutions to avoiding deforestation should be much greater, thus helping to reduce greenhouse gas emission. One of the most important obstacles and problems is for companies to effectively report their contribution to their audiences and to show their efforts in trying to save the planet, that is to say, they must promote carbon offsets,” Ramirez said.

The seminar “ The Value of Forests: Carbon offsets and Marketing” will take place on 15th April between 8.30 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Intercontinental Hotel in Santiago. Some important national and international speakers will attend. The activity is sponsored by the Asociación Nacional de Avisadores (ANDA), The nature Conservancy and Santiago Climate Exchange and it is also supported by Revista Capital. If you wish to see the program of the seminar click on http://www.mundotnc.org/donde-trabajamos/americas/chile/programa-seminario-carbono-marketing-2.xml

Registration at anda@anda.cl


Photo by Nick Hall


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