SAG and TNC release two pudu deer into the Valdivian Coastal Reserve

Wednesday, November 13, 2013. Valdivian Coastal Reserve. As part of the 10th anniversary of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, local authorities of the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF), the Ministry of Agriculture and The Nature Conservancy (TNC), released two pudu deer from the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (CEREFAS) of the University of Valdivia after they had been attacked by dogs. 

The activity was attended by Moira Henzi, Regional Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture; Carlos Mollenhauer, SAG Regional Director; José Carter, CONAF Regional Director and staff members of The Nature Conservancy and managers of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve.
The deer released next to the Los Alerces Trail, within the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, had been under the protection of the CEREFAS for a week after they had been attacked by dogs and found by the local community near Valdivia.

"For us it´s very important to participate in actions like the one today, because we are different entities working together towards a common goal. These deer were attacked by feral dogs and rescued by the community which shows the local people´s growing commitment to preserving our wildlife. They successfully recovered under the care of CEREFAS and now they return to their natural habitat in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, a place that brings together all the conditions for their development thanks to the great work of TNC and CONAF. All these institutions together with SAG are working really hard to preserve the natural resources of Los Rios Region", Carlos Mollenhauer, SAG Regional Director said.

Moira Henzi, Regional Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture said that “ this activity was successful thanks to the efforts of SAG, CEREFAS and TNC and it permitted us to release the pudu into the wild. To free members of our wildlife fauna is always a happy occasion, given that it is a joint effort”. The regional authority also made a call to the local community to become part of the surveillance efforts and to care for our natural resources. “Another thing I would like to mention is the responsible ownership of dogs given that the pudu we released had been attacked by dogs that most probably someone had abandoned to their fate.”

Finally, Liliana Pezoa, TNC Conservation Coordinator said she valued the interest of the regional authorities to release the local fauna permanently into the VCR. "The Reserve offers very good conditions for the pudu because it´s a protected area, with a monitoring plan to assess the conservation status of the species and systems, especially this place where we released the deer , where there is the best habitat for them, with available low flora and water ", she said.

The 10th anniversary celebrations of the VCR will continue next week with photo exhibitions at the Bus Depot in Valdivia ( Monday 18) and in the Plaza de la República (Tuesday 19), both activities taking place between 10 and 14 hours.

Photo by Daniela Contreras


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