Natural heritage specialists visit Valdivian Coastal Reserve to replicate conservation examples

A group of specialists from the Aconcagua CIEM Corporation visited the Valdivian Coastal Reserve (VCR) to share experiences and to learn from the work carried out by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve. The work is related to the conservation of the Chilean Mediterranean region.  

The Nature Conservancy and CIEM are working together towards the conservation of the Chilean Mediterranean area. Said work involves the development of a Management Plan and the implementation of legal protection figures for the Cypress Highlands and the Zaino - Copín wetland complex. It also involves a skills transfer from TNC to CIEM Aconcagua aimed at developing management plans.

As part of this skills transfer a group of CIEM representatives met Alfredo Almonacid, Manager and Coordinator of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, and part of the TNC team to learn more about the conservation efforts that TNC carries out in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve (VCR).
The Los Alereces trails, located in the Huiro area - adjacent to the VCR - the restoration areas of native forests and the Los Colmillos trail sector were some of the places visited by Jorge Razeto, Executive Projects Director, Hanny Suckel, Initiatives Coordinator and Jorge Ahumada, CIEM Aconcagua Chairman. The professionals of the environmental NGO got to know the methodology used for the conservation of the site and the strengthening of the relationship with the surrounding communities.

"For us this visit is clearly a learning opportunity, to learn in situ what a land management plan is, not only on paper but also in practice,” Jorge Razeto said. CIEM is currently working in the Andino Juncal Park, owned by a family who are the proprietors of some 13 thousand hectares of land in the Andean range. They are lands located at between 2,000 and 6,000 meters above the sea level, near the Juncal Glacier and the Rio Aconcagua headwaters.

"This is the context in which the CIEM representatives visited us, to get to know the work we carry out in the Reserve. To see how to contribute with ideas and methodological tools to develop management plans related to a specific couple of areas in the Aconcagua Valley, “Alfredo Almonacid said.

CIEM was founded in 1993 in the Aconcagua Valley, where it worked mainly on issues related to cultural management. Today, the entity´s work is complemented by environmental management and conservation of local communities. "We carried out a survey of all the land identifying areas to work and we have applied the TNC methodology TNC some 12 years ago, without even knowing TNC, " Razeto said.


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