CONAF and TNC join forces to protect coastal forests

Putting Out the Fire

Friday, 27 December 2103. Both conservation partner organizations have joined forces setting up a brigade to prevent forest fires both in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve and in the Alerce Costero National Park.

The area of the Valdivian rainforest begins in the coastal vicinity. There are two priority conservation sites where ancient larches, wildlife and endemic species coexist and where the forest virtually slides into the sea.

For the second year running, CONAF and The Nature Conservancy have joined forces to protect both the Alerce Costero National Park and the Valdivian Coastal Reserve. Both neighboring places have more than 75,000 acres of biodiversity conservation and it is also one of our Region´s the scenic and tourist attractions.

Understanding the importance of this area, a fire brigade was set up for which CONAF has provided human resources, while the international organization has provided housing and transportation for the team whose main task is forest fire prevention.

Joseph Carter, CONAF Los Rios Regional Director said: "We have joined forces to protect our natural coastal heritage, and we are doing it with a partner organization with which we not only preserve biodiversity, but also guarantee that future generations will be able to appreciate and enjoy the Valdivian forest".

Alfredo Almonacid, Manager of Valdivian Coastal Reserve highlighted the collaborative effort with CONAF, which "has permitted us for the second year running to implement this brigade whose objective is to prevent and control forest fires in the two protected areas. Fortunately so far we have only had one fire in the VCR in 2006 since the team was created. The fire was due to the irresponsible use of the resources by the public and it was with the support of CONAF that we managed to extinguish it".

The main task of this frontline fire brigade will be prevention, with the view to raising awareness of the harmful results of such events for both the neighboring communities and tourists who come to the coastal area to stay in cabins and camping sites.


Photo by CONAF




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