ASI Conserva Chile Members experience The Nature Conservancy in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve

Sunday, December 8, 2013. Valdivian Coastal Reserve. A 15-member ASI Conserva Chile AG delegation made a technical visit to the Valdivian Coastal Reserve to learn about the experience carried out by The Nature Conservancy as compensation for ecosystem services agreement.

A group of 15 members of the Sustainable Venture Node in Protected Areas funded by Innova Corfo and implemented by ASI Conserva Chile, experienced firsthand , together with the Chaihuín Rural Drinking Water Committee and The Nature Conservancy in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve (VCR), a program of technical visits that included talks and guided tours. The idea behind the visit was to personally get to know this unique agreement which is a precedent in the strategic alliance signed by a Rural Drinking Water Committee (RWC) and a protected area.

During the activity, Liliana Pezoa, TNC Conservation Coordinator presented the VCR and members of FORECOS gave technical talks explaining what ecosystem services were and also the relationship between water production and native forests, followed by a visit to the water intakes, land donated by the Reserve as well as its water rights, to the Ministry of Public Works to be used by the Chaihuín Rural Water Committee (RWC) providing drinking water supply to more than 100 families.

One aspect that differentiates this project from other Rural Water Committees is the fact that the members of the families voluntarily allocated a portion of the monthly payment to conservation activities and environmental education.

Liliana Pezoa described the activity as positive indicating that " The partners of ASI Conserva Chile were very interested in the experience that is unique in the country, and asked many questions aimed at implementing similar projects in protected areas they manage. For us it was also important to show our firm relationship with the neighboring communities because they could see firsthand how this partnership is highly valued and beneficial to both parties. "

The visit culminated with a tour of the Los Alerces Trail, where visitors could observe and photograph the towering larches found within the reserve. 


Photo by Asi Conserva Chile


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