Flavors from the earth, Health for the Earth

Flavors from the earth, Health for the Earth

Check out testimonials from those who are closely connected to the local cuisine.


The Amazon forest isn’t only home to one third of the species on the planet and to millions of people. It’s also a spectacular source of fishes, herbs and fruits for the families living in the region. To honor all that the rainforest provides, The Nature Conservancy staff in Brazil visited the Ver-o-Peso, the largest food market in the Amazon, and asked sellers and consumers why the local ingredients matter. Their answers are an inspiration for all nature lovers!

Most of the favorite ingredients in this market and anywhere else in Northern Brazil originate in the splendid forests and rivers of the Amazon. A healthy environment is essential to preserve this culture, but natural resources are at serious pressure due to the expansion of economic activities. Conciliating business and conservation is essential to provide opportunities to people in this region and to ensure that the Amazon eating habits will remain alive, as the country grows.

The Nature Conservancy is working for this. We’re using science and community-based solutions to conserve the largest rainforest in the world and all that it provides to people in the Ver-o-Peso Market, in Brazil and all over the planet.


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