Pacific Flyway Migration

Passport to the Skies

Name: Willy Jr.
Species: Wilson’s warbler
Date of Birth: June 2012
Place of Birth: Koeye River in the Great Bear Rainforest of Canada
Reason for Trip: Following the food and sun to my breeding grounds on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.

Travel Itinerary
Date of Departure: April 1, 2014
Travel Time: 2 months
Place of Origin: Chiapas, southern Mexico
Destination: Twelvemile Creek, a salmon-rich river on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska
Frequent Flyer Miles Earned: 3,500 (this trip)
Lifetime Frequent Flyer Miles: 10,000 (one-way south in 2012, then 1 round trip since)

Travel Background
Essential Travel Needs: Before every long flight I gorge on as many insects as I can. Check my checklist: Nighttime travel vision – good, internal navigation system – on, energy level – high. Ready to go!

First Flight: When I was 3 months old, I left the nest and took wing from the Koeye River and headed south – my maiden voyage to my new winter home in southern Mexico.

Scariest Flight: On my first trip north to my breeding grounds, I flew straight into a white-out blizzard west of Glacier National Park in the Crown of the Continent. I was nearing the end of my night flight and made a harrowing landing along the North Fork of the Flathead River.

Click below to hear my song! 




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