Greater Yellowstone

"In the Greater Yellowstone, the Conservancy gets the job done in a way I care about."

-Anne Young, Trustee

With your help, we are:

  • Installing more than seven miles of new wildlife-friendly fencing on our Heart Mountain Ranch Preserve to help thousands of elk traveling through the Greater Yellowstone in winter.
  • Safeguarding the Lander Front with conservation easements on two ranches totaling more than 3,500 acres that connect important big game and key sage grouse habitat while allowing ongoing agricultural work.
  • Collaborating on a project to map where mule deer migration corridors in the Upper Green intersect with future risks from industrial and residential subdivision development.

What Our Supporters Say:
Anne Young & Jim Nielson

I came to Wyoming in 1971 to live on a ranch on the South Fork near Cody. Why do Jim and I love the Greater Yellowstone? It’s a whole combination of things. 

This is the wildest place in the U.S., and there’s some kind of magic in that. 

Why do we love The Nature Conservancy? Because they are it

In the Greater Yellowstone, the Conservancy gets the job done in a way I care about: Integrity and a practical approach that makes science a priority. No strident politics. 

Plus, the partnerships the Conservancy has developed here in the Greater Yellowstone are key—they’ve teamed up with some effective entities, and it makes us so much stronger. 

The Conservancy has also found ways to reach so many people in this region, whether at last summer’s Wild West River Fest in Cody, at a science camp for elementary students, or just hiking up the trail at Heart Mountain

I feel so lucky the Conservancy is working here. 

Inspired? Contribute to the Conservancy in Wyoming to help us protect the next million acres.

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