Conservation Planning

Ecoregional Planning
The Nature Conservancy uses a science-based planning process for each ecoregion across the world to assemble portfolios of conservation lands that collectively represent viable examples of all native species and plant communities within that ecoregion.

These plans identify the smallest land areas that can meet the greatest conservation need and factor in habitat quality through analysis of current and projected development and land use patterns.

Ecoregional plans have been completed for each ecoregion in Wyoming: Central Shortgrass Prairie, Northern Great Plains Steppe, Southern Rocky Mountains, Utah-Wyoming Rocky Mountains, and Wyoming Basins. A new ecoregional plan is underway for the Wyoming Basins that will identify priority conservation areas while accounting for anticipated future changes related to energy development and climate change.

Conservation Action Planning
Conservation Action Planning identifies site-specific conservation strategies to guide the Conservancy's work within that area. Here is an example of a completed plan for the Shirley Basin-Laramie Rivers Conservation Area, with participation from many local groups and landowners.