Green Bay: Restoring a Great Lakes Treasure

Green Bay on Lake Michigan is one of The Nature Conservancy’s most important conservation priorities in Wisconsin and in the Great Lakes region.

  • The bay’s warmer, shallower waters make it the most productive part of Lake Michigan for fish and other aquatic life and an important stopover site for birds in migration.
  • One third of all the land that provides water to Lake Michigan through rivers and streams is located in Green Bay’s 10.6-million-acre watershed. More than 10 million people get their drinking water from Lake Michigan.
  • Green Bay is important for commercial and sport fishing and is popular with sailors, boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The health of the bay is at risk from wetland loss, invasive species like zebra mussels, urban and agricultural run-off and shoreland development.

We are collaborating with citizens, public agencies, academic institutions and other nonprofit groups to find innovative solutions to the challenges facing Green Bay and restore its health for people and nature.

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