West Virginia Wildflowers


The columbine, a vibrant spring flower, gets its name from its distinctive bell shape that resembles a clustering of doves.

Fire Pink

The vibrant fire pink flower can be found in the dry, shaded woods of West Virginia with many insects and bees exploring its colorful petals.

Pink Lady's Slipper

Also called the moccasin flower because of its distinctive inflated pouch made of colorful petals, the pink lady’s slipper is quite beautiful and has been used for many medicinal uses.

Blue Violet

The common blue violet, with many uses including as a salad topping and a cold remedy, thrives in West Virginia’s forests and fields.

Indian Paintbrush

Partly parasitic on host plants like grasses, the Indian paintbrush is a stunning sight with vibrant red bracts that surround tiny green flowers.


Bloodroot was used by eastern American Indian tribes as a red dye and blood thinner, as well as in the treatment of ulcers and skin conditions.

Wild Blue Phlox

Wild blue phlox covers the fields of West Virginia during spring with its dainty pastel color and pleasant aroma.