West Virginia

Cheat Mountain Slideshow

Thousands of West Virginians and visitors have traveled back in time on the Cass Scenic Railroad. © Clayton Spangler

The trout fishing in Shaver’s Fork draws visitors to the Cheat Mountain area, which is a top conservation priority for the Conservancy. © Clayton Spangler

George and Mickey Deike recently donated a conservation easement over their 884-acre Shalimar Farm to the Conservancy and state Agricultural Land Protection Authority. © Ashton Berdine/TNC

The Deikes sought to preserve the integrity of the area’s mosaic of rural and wild lands from mounting development pressures. © Kent Mason

The Cass Railroad’s vintage Shay steam engines traverse Shalimar Farm for nearly three miles. © Clayton Spangler

Leatherbark Run parallels the railroad through the property and supports a brook-trout fishery. © Kent Mason

George and Mickey Dieke enjoy riding on Shalimar Farm, which they operate as an equestrian retreat. © Kent Mason

A long-time railroad buff, George Deike loves the sound of the train and its whistle as it crosses Shalimar and climbs Bald Knob. © Clayton Spangler

The conservation easement helps keep the surrounding scenery intact for future generations to experience this vestige of West Virginia’s pioneering spirit. © Clayton Spangler

View of the Deike property, with Cheat Mountain in the background. Leatherbark Run flows down Cheat Mountain and through the valley in the middle of the picture. © Kent Mason

If I could just impress one thing on everybody: maybe you can’t save the world, but you can save your little piece of it,” says Mickey Deike. © Kent Mason