Coastal Forest Restoration for Salmon and People

The Ellsworth Creek Preserve is about thinking big. More than 10 years ago, The Nature Conservancy purchased the entire watershed to protect old-growth forest, salmon, amphibians, birds and more. Working with scientists and partners, we are restoring thousands of acres of forest and miles of vital streams.

Stands of old-growth Sitka spruce, Western red cedar and other conifers, some over 800 years old, remain here in a landscape that has endured decades of logging. Marbled murrelets still nest high in the tree canopy and black bear, cougar and elk roam the forest floor. Flanked by abundant trees, Ellsworth Creek provides critical spawning habitat for coho and chum salmon

After years of study, the Conservancy has entered into the active restoration phase of its work here.

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Read about how Ellsworth Creek forest restoration has been certified for sustainability.

See how two tough loggers are contributing to coastal forest restoration at Ellsworth Creek Preserve. 

Video Collection: Restoration at Ellsworth Creek Preserve


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