OktoberForest: Postdoc Brewing

With our many partner brewers around the country, The Nature Conservancy in October is celebrating OktoberForest, highlighting the connection between healthy forests, clean water and great beer. To explore the connection here in Washington, we sat down with Tom Schmidlin, head brewer at Postdoc Brewing.


What makes being a local brewer special to you – what does it mean to you

Tom Schmidlin:

We love to make beers and bring them to our local community. Exposing people to new creations is a lot of fun.


Can you talk about the Importance for water for beer?

Tom Schmidlin:

Water is critically important for beer from start to finish. It affects everything from the chemistry of beer production to the perceived flavors in the glass.


How do you draw the connection between healthy forests and clean water and beer?

Tom Schmidlin:

We use groundwater to make all of our beers, but the aquifer is fed largely from Evans Creek. The Evans Creek Preserve protects the watershed that feeds our brewery. Having confidence that our water will always be clean and delicious removes a huge source of stress for us!


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