Greg and Jennifer Bailey, Sugar Hill Brewing Co., Salem, VA

Celebrating the connection between healthy forests, clean water and great beer!

The Nature Conservancy is celebrating fall with OktoberForest, a collaboration with local brewers to raise awareness about the importance of forests in providing clean water. We sat down with owners Greg and Jennifer Bailey from Sugar Hill Brewing Co., to talk about nature’s role in the making and enjoyment of craft beer.

Sugar Hill Brewing Co., is a family affair for owners Greg and Jennifer Bailey, who along with son Alex, opened their doors in 2016. Jennifer says that people are drawn to the town of Saint Paul, Virginia because of the many opportunities for outdoor recreation, especially along the Clinch River, Virginia’s “hidden river”. 

In addition to the more than 11 miles of walking and biking trails, the river provides a beautiful setting for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing.  Jennifer hopes all this outdoor activity works up a good appetite for locals and tourists, alike!

Sugar Hill takes its water from the Clinch, one of the last free-flowing tributaries of the Tennessee River system. “Brewing begins with water,” says Jennifer. “We have an excellent source of clean water that provides an outstanding start for all of our beers.”




Visit nature.org/OktoberForest to learn more about the connection between healthy forests and clean water, and see the list of participating OktoberForest breweries across the country!