J. Patrick Adair of Reason Beer, Charlottesville, VA

The Nature Conservancy is celebrating fall with OktoberForest, a collaboration with local brewers to raise awareness about the importance of forests in providing clean water.

Reason Beer was born of 20 years of friendship and more than a decade of brewing among founders J. Patrick Adair, Jeff Raileanu and Mark Fulton. In 2017, after three years of careful planning, recipe development, and design, the three friends reconvened in their hometown of Charlottesville to create a world-class brewery.

Patrick spoke with us recently about nature’s role in inspiring their venture and Reason Beer’s commitment to conservation.


How has nature inspired you, Mark and Jeff as brewers?

J. Patrick Adair:

Reason Beer’s connection with nature is vital to our success as a business. Mark, Jeff and I are all avid hikers, campers and adventurers. It was on a backpacking weekend that we — resting under the stars, after years and years of dreaming — finally committed to making our brewery a reality. We strive to make great beers that pair well with all of the goodness Virginia has to offer, including her forests and waters.


What important connections do you see between healthy forests, clean water and good beer?

J. Patrick Adair:

Water is vitally important to our creative process. To make our beer taste great, we need the cleanest, freshest water possible. One of the many incredible things about Charlottesville is the high quality of water available, due in large part to efforts by The Nature Conservancy and other environmental groups.


How is your brewery working to be environmentally friendly?

J. Patrick Adair:

Reason Beer is committed to environmental sustainability. We designed our brewhouse to be as efficient as possible, reclaiming and reusing energy so as not to waste power. We have partnered with local farmers who use our nutrient-rich spent grains as feed for their livestock. And we continue to look for new ways to make great beer with minimal environmental impact.

Visit nature.org/OktoberForest to learn more about the connection between healthy forests and clean water, and see the list of participating OktoberForest breweries across the country!


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