Lands and Forests

Conserving Critical Lands in the Green Mountain State

Our forests are the foundation for all that we love about Vermont. They are the backbone of our rural landscape as well as our economy-- to the tune of $1.5 billion a year in forest driven business from manufacturing to recreation to tourism.

As Vermonters there is no end to the ways we enjoy communing with our forests: hiking, skiing, hunting, camping and the list goes on. But our forests also provide us with life-essential services. They support wildlife habitat, protect water quality and help insulate communities from the effects of extreme weather. Our forests also remove an estimated 75,000 metric tons of carbon and 1,610 metric tons of other pollutants from the atmosphere each year. We are healthy because of our forests!

For the first time in over a century, our forests are on the decline. From above, the Vermont forest canopy appears secure but from below, we know that forests are being compromised and fragmented by rural sprawl.

With your support we are working with partners around the state on important land conservation projects, the staying connected initiative that protects critical wildlife corridors, and sound policy objectives that honor and value our working lands, forested hills and natural environment.

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