Fresh Water

Securing the Future of Vermont's Rivers and Streams

Vermont’s intricate network of rivers and streams delivers the lifeblood of fresh water to cities and towns across the state. They give us drinking water and absorb floodwaters, provide nutrients to the sea and to our farmlands, generate energy and offer scenic spots to fish, boat and swim—all while sustaining myriad natural communities.

In our efforts over time to grow crops, expand cities, generate electricity and keep floods at bay, we have thrown many of these systems out of balance, disrupting connections and impairing the ability of our waters and lands to support life and livelihoods.

The Nature Conservancy has a vision to restore and sustain fresh waters in the Green Mountain State and ensure that they will continue to support the people, plants and animals that depend on them. With your help, we can turn that vision into reality and use science to create alternatives to destructive and wasteful ways of using water.


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