Places to Walk, Paddle and Explore in Vermont

50 Years!

The Vermont Chapter marked a major milestone in 2010, celebrating 50 years of conservation in the state! To help honor this special occasion, we published a guide to the natural areas that the chapter has helped conserve over the years. See a slideshow of some of the photos in this guidebook.

Parcel by parcel, site by site, the Vermont Chapter has conserved lands and waters at more than 100 sites around the state, and the chapter owns and manages a system of 54 natural areas. This guidebook will lead you to all of the Conservancy’s visitable Vermont natural areas, as well as to state and federal parks and wildlife management areas, such as the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge, that the Conservancy has helped to protect.

Since 1960, The Nature Conservancy’s Vermont Chapter has protected 183,000 acres, in more than 440 tracts around the state. Our 54 natural areas in our statewide system conserve some of the best examples of native habitats found in our state.

We have also contributed significantly to protecting federal, state, county and municipal conservation lands all over Vermont. Many of the places we have conserved are also ideal for hikers and paddlers to visit and explore. This guide provides you with all the information needed to decide which places to visit, and how to get there.

"Places to Walk, Paddle and Explore in Vermont" has been a popular item and many people have stopped by our office in Montpelier to pick up a copy. We are unfortunately now SOLD OUT of the guide, though we are looking at the possibility of doing a reprint (with updates) in the next couple of years.

Contact us for an opportunity to help support our efforts through donations, See highlights from the book here.

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